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The Disaster Discovery Center is an innovative idea for combining emergency preparedness with the power and fun of a discovery center for audiences of all ages and includes:

  • Exhibit galleries
  • Free resource center
  • Meeting spaces
  • Educational backlot

The Disaster Discovery Center (DDC) combines emergency preparedness with the power and fun of a discovery center to educate and empower people to actively participate in preparedness planning.

This whole-community, neutral clearinghouse will centralize preparedness resources and provide individuals, families, businesses, and organizations the opportunity to safely experience probable disasters.

In partnership with like-minded agencies and educational institutions, different venues and activities will promote action and instill confidence by exploring ways members of the community can care for themselves and others.

Leading edge discovery center exhibition and programming techniques will present resources in a number of inviting ways, including:

  • Interactive, hands-on learning platforms.
  • Intergenerational and age-appropriate programming in a variety of learning styles.
  • Disaster-related media pieces, theater, and immersive simulations.
  • Compelling historical information, artifacts, and survival stories celebrating the human spirit.



20130128 ddc exhibit

Exhibit galleries will feature opportunities to:

  1. Experience the power and impact of disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and inclement weather.
  2. Explore an emergency operations center (EOC) to learn what emergency personnel do during and following a disaster.
  3. Interact with emergency readiness stations.
  4. View the possible disruption a disaster can cause to a city landscape.
  5. Understand how disasters may impact businesses, schools, and community services.
  6. Practice skills, like using a fire extinguisher, turning off the natural gas, etc.


Programming enables visitors to imagine themselves in challenging circumstances and supports them in creating personal, business, and community plans to become prepared. Compelling programs will combine the resources of collaborative agencies with the discovery center to support community needs and increase public preparedness.

Disaster Scenarios: Visitors, school children, and professionals will utilize powerful technologies and physical environments to follow large and small scenarios.

Workshops: Experienced educators will lead participants through fun, hands-on activities to gain firsthand experience on such topics as creating a family emergency plan, evacuation and car kits, alternative food preparation methods, water safety, sanitation, animal care, special needs, etc.

Daily Programs: Techniques and skills will be demonstrated for and experienced by visitors, expanding their exposure to specific tasks and events which are not part of everyday life, but are likely to arise in emergency situations, like exiting a smoke- filled room, using an escape ladder, and operating a generator.

Community Events: The DDC will actively participate in events and festivals throughout the community to share educational messages and key concepts in emergency planning.

Meeting Space: The design includes places for partner organizations, community groups, and general public for meetings, lectures, trainings (CPR, first aid certification, CERT), and receptions.

Resource Room: A free resource area to serve as a clearinghouse for centralizing the distribution of preparedness materials.